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I am a full-time law enforcement officer with experience in the Patrol, Tactical, and Gang Divisions and a part-time martial artist. I believe that law abiding citizens should learn to defend themselves with whatever tools they may legally carry. I am currently in the process of starting the "5 Rings Tactical" training school where I hope to encourage good people to become protectors of their own lives and the lives of their families. This blog will contain reviews of defensive and tactical products, all of which I have purchased with my own funds. I will try my best to give my honest and unbiased opinion of all the products featured. I hope to eventually make the items that prove to be of quality available to customers of 5 Rings Tactical. Before distributing any of these items, they will be purchased privately by me and evaluated. I do not pretend to be any type of expert or master. I'm just a guy trying to share my experiences with others. I am always looking for more training and good people to learn from.

Friday, March 4, 2011

FDE 3-4-2011

READER SUBMITTED FDE OF THE DAY (Keep them coming guys!)

The Fasionable Defense Ensemble pictured above was sent in by an educated man who is very familiar with the laws of weapon usage and self-defense.  Once one of Obi Wan's most promising disciples, this prosecutor for a district attorney's office used his abnormally high midichlorian count to convict violent felons and gang members.  Unfortunately, he recently traded in his blue light-saber for a red one and now serves the dark side as a criminal defense attorney.  Despite turning evil and relying on a robotic breathing apparatus, he remains a respectable southern gentleman and a close friend of mine.  This future character in a John Grisham novel wears suits in the courtroom but raises the bar in lounge wear when he isn't defending the lives of the innocent.  Keeping things comfortable and simple, he is often seen in a pair of thong sandles, accompanied by camo cargo shorts, and his trusty pocket pistol.  The camo shorts allow him to blend into jungle surroundings, fooling would-be attackers into thinking his torso and thighs have just disappeared.  The pistol is a KelTec P3AT that rides in a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster.  And the sandals?  They just feel good between his toes.

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