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I am a full-time law enforcement officer with experience in the Patrol, Tactical, and Gang Divisions and a part-time martial artist. I believe that law abiding citizens should learn to defend themselves with whatever tools they may legally carry. I am currently in the process of starting the "5 Rings Tactical" training school where I hope to encourage good people to become protectors of their own lives and the lives of their families. This blog will contain reviews of defensive and tactical products, all of which I have purchased with my own funds. I will try my best to give my honest and unbiased opinion of all the products featured. I hope to eventually make the items that prove to be of quality available to customers of 5 Rings Tactical. Before distributing any of these items, they will be purchased privately by me and evaluated. I do not pretend to be any type of expert or master. I'm just a guy trying to share my experiences with others. I am always looking for more training and good people to learn from.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

FDE 3-31-2011


Today's FDE was kindly submitted by the digital media manager for a large jewelry store. His Twitter code name: @elegantmachines. A self-proclaimed nerd, today's hero keeps it geeky but chic with his love of Apple products. He is never without his silver MacBook Air. It's light, compact, and sleek yet still packs a raw 11 inches of screen that would put Ron Jeremy to shame. Nerd or not, @elegantmachines knows that not all problems are virtual. So he packs a trusty Leatherman multi-tool for those times when you have to adjust some computer circuits, recalibrate the commodulator for the flux-capacitor, or pull out a bad guy's tooth every time he answers that Star Wars was cooler than Star Trek. This digital media guru is also a family man and a cat owner, but not the creepy kind. According to his blog bio, @elegantmachinese is a lover of sci-fi and technology but chugs the hater-ade when it comes to cigarettes, melting butter, and mean people. To protect his family and feline friends from cigarette smoking douche-bags wielding sticks of butter in the summer time, @elegantmachines sets his phaser to .40 cal with his Glock 23. The compact Glock slide wears a tenifer and black oxide finish. The frame of the gun is made of a light-weight but incredibly strong polymer. The business end spits hollow-points instead of laser beams, but if Darth Vader ever traded his light-saber in for handgun I'm guessing he'd have a Glock. Bad guys beware, do not mess with the geeky. There are members of the Nerd Herd that work for the CIA, and digital media managers with Sith Lord pistols. Lay a hand on his ipod and @elegantmachines just might hurt you, than post an imovie of it on youtube and blog about it.

Check out @elegantmachine's blog at www.elegantmachines.com and follow him on Twitter: @elegantmachines

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