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I am a full-time law enforcement officer with experience in the Patrol, Tactical, and Gang Divisions and a part-time martial artist. I believe that law abiding citizens should learn to defend themselves with whatever tools they may legally carry. I am currently in the process of starting the "5 Rings Tactical" training school where I hope to encourage good people to become protectors of their own lives and the lives of their families. This blog will contain reviews of defensive and tactical products, all of which I have purchased with my own funds. I will try my best to give my honest and unbiased opinion of all the products featured. I hope to eventually make the items that prove to be of quality available to customers of 5 Rings Tactical. Before distributing any of these items, they will be purchased privately by me and evaluated. I do not pretend to be any type of expert or master. I'm just a guy trying to share my experiences with others. I am always looking for more training and good people to learn from.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

FDE 3-3-2011


Today's FDE submission is from a professional in the jewelry industry.  As a man running his own business and dealing in the exchange of expensive watches, fine jewelry, and rare stones, our reader is often placed in a position where he is in the care of of high-dollar items.  To protect his business, his employees, and those that he loves, this young professional got some firearms training, obtained his concealed handgun license, and now carries a Springfield Armory XD with a silver slide. The gun is filled with 9mm hollow-points and rides in a Comp-Tac holster. It's the perfect combination for fighting off jewel thieves or flesh-eating zombies. With "16 in the clip and 1 in the hole", the XD can handle Danny Ocean's entire crew and still have rounds left over for anything George Romero can dream up. Since our reader sells accessories to some of the biggest ballers in Houston, he's got to keep his chrome clean and his watch game up.  This armed, dealer of all-things-bling can often be seen wearing his Breitling Superocean.  This watch features a self-winding mechanical movement and is certified as a chronometer.  Made of surgical steel grade metals and utilizing an anti-glare sapphire crystal, this water resistant Breitling is strictly for ballers only.  Scrubs need not apply. 

Ballers and ballers on a budget interested in watches and jewelry can check Modern Times (www.moderntimejewelers.com/) and Joia Jewelers (www.joiajewelers.com/) inside the Galleria for great prices on quality items.

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